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 M. T. Schäfer
Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production
Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2011, pp. 250
by Claudio Coletta

 R. Abadie
The Professional Guinea Pig. Big Pharma and the Risky World of Human Subject
Durham, NC, Duke University Press, 2010, pp. 184
by Stefano Crabu

 E. B. Silva
Technology, Culture, Family. Influences on Home Life
New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp. 227
by Michela Cozza

 A. Rudinow Saetnan, H. Mork Lomell and S. Hammer (Eds.)
The Mutual Construction of Statistics and Society
London, Routledge, 2010, pp. 314
by Orazio Giancola

 S. Houdart and O. Thiery (Eds.)
Humains, non-humains. Comment repeupler les sciences sociales
Paris, La Découverte, 2011, pp. 368
by Anne-Sophie Godfroy

 A. Cannellotto and E. Luchtenberg (Eds.)
Medicalización y sociedad: lecturas críticas sobre la construcción social de enfermedades
San Martín, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, UNSAM Edita, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, 2010, pp. 190
by Roberto Lusardi

 H. Nowotny and G. Testa
Naked Genes: Reinventing the Human in the Molecular Age
Cambridge, MA, The MIT Press, 2011, pp. 152
by Federico Neresini

 C. Méadel
Quantifier le public. Histoire des mesures d’audience de la radio et de la télévision
Paris, Economica, 2010, pp. 284
by Paola Pallavicini

 D. Kaiser
How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival
New York, W. W. Norton & Company, 2011, pp. 372
by Assunta Viteritti

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