Visualising Bodies Within and Beyond Laboratories and Clinics

Regula Valérie Burri, Annamaria Carusi, Aikaterini A. Aspradaki


Abstract: As a response to the spread of biomedical imaging, this conversation explores crucial aspects related to the production, interpretation and use of body images within and beyond laboratories and clinics. Regula Valérie Burri’s contribution raises questions about the implications of medical imaging technologies and practices for both medical treatments and patients’ identities. Annamaria Carusi explores the intertwined epistemic and ontological roles of visualizations in the field of personalized medicine within two contexts of mediation: that of basic research and biomedical application; and and that of biomedical research and health care systems. Finally, Aikaterini A. Aspradaki discusses the use of body images from a bioethics perspective, focusing on the autonomy of persons and the ethical, economic, legal and social issues raised by the visualizations of bodies.

Keywords: visualisation; bodies; biomedical imaging; personalised medicine; bioethics.

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