Book Reviews

Redazione Tecnoscienza


L. Pellizzoni and M. Ylönen (eds.)
Neoliberalism and Technoscience: Critical Assessments.
Farnham: Ashgate, 2012, pp. 246
by Barbara L. Allen

C. Thompson
Good Science. The Ethical Choreography of Stem Cell Research.
Cambridge (MA): MIT Press, 2013, pp. 344
by Lorenzo Beltrame

T. Pipan (ed.)
Presunti Colpevoli. Dalle statistiche alla cartella clinica: indagine sugli errori in sanità [Presumed guilty. From statistics to medical records: an investigation of medical errors].
Milano: Guerini, 2014, pp. 288
by Barbara Czarniawska

M. Martínez-Iglesias (ed.)
Experts and Campaigners: scientific information and collective action in socio-ecological conflicts.
València: Universitat de València, 2014, pp.168
by Paolo Giardullo

C. Fuchs
Social Media. A Critical Introduction.
London: Sage, 2014, pp. 294
by Cosimo Marco Scarcelli

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