DIO: A Surveillance Camera Mapping Game for Mobile Devices

Rafael de Almeida Evangelista, Tiago C. Soares, Sarah Costa Schmidt, Felipe Lavignatti


Abstract: Surveillance cameras are fast-growing technologies in contemporary society. In poorer countries, they are used to curb urban crime; in richer nations, they are also employed to fight terrorist threats. In this scenario DIO arises, a mobile phone game (still in development) that deals with the rampant increase of surveillance cameras in urban spaces. The game promotes a collaborative mapping of cities by inviting players to complete the following tasks: 1) geolocate, photograph, and log surveillance cameras scattered around the city; 2) compete against the opposing team for control of the cameras. Once registered, those cameras become playable geolocation points with which players can interact when physically close. This article presents the basic game plot, rules, and dynamics as well as a discussion on the increasing financialization and marketization of personal data and how to approach these issues through gaming.

Keywords: surveillance; personal data; CCTV; pervasive games; GPS.

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