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A. Bourgoin
Les equilibristes. Ethnographie du management [The tightrope walkers. An ethnography of management]
Paris, Presses des Mines, 2015, pp. 308
by Paolo Rossi

E. Caniglia, A. Spreafico and F. Zanettin (eds.)
Harvey Sacks: Fare Sociologia [Harvey Sacks. Doing Sociology]
Broni, Altravista, 2017, pp. 168
by Philippe Sormani

T. Gillespie
Custodians of the Internet. Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media
New Haven, Yale University Press, 2018, pp. 296
by Corinna Canali

A. Metzner-Szigeth (ed.)
Zukunftsfähige Entwicklung und generative Organisationskulturen. Wie wir Systeme anders wahrnehmen und Veränderung gestalten können, [Sustainable development and generative organisational cultures: How we may perceive systems differently and design change]
Munich, Oekom, 2018, pp. 256
by Cornelius Schubert

J. Swan, S. Newell and D. Nicolini (eds.)
Mobilizing Knowledge in Healthcare. Challenges for Management and Organization
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 288
by Alberto Zanutto and Enrico Maria Piras

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