Lanzavecchia + Wai, No Country for Old Men collection (2012): I-cane & Assunta Chair

Redazione Tecnoscienza


To read, to get-up, to move yourself and your possessions around, at home; the project No Country for Old Men is a small family of objects that is not only attentive to the daily difficulties encountered by the elderly but also how it can finally complement our domestic living spaces and acquired laziness.

We initiated this project as a reaction to the scarcity of well-resolved and well-designed products for the elderly at-home. Because of this scarcity, the cosy and intimate home artfully built up over the years is invaded and eroded by alien medical products from the hospital context. For the blunt re-establishment of function, pride and ownership of these most used lifestyle support objects are relinquished. Our aim was to generate enthusiasm, desirability, a sense of ownership towards elderly aid objects. A healthy and robust relationship with them by nature ensures consistent benefits to the user twofold; both as safe physical support and also psychological reconciliation and acceptance of their advanced stage of life.

Photocredit: Davide Farabegoli

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