Believe it Yourself: BIY.SEE (2018) by

Redazione Tecnoscienza


“Believe it Yourself” (BIY) is a series of Arduino-based speculative tech- nologies that enables users to explore and experiment with the topic of “Superstition”. The three boards composing the series – BIY.MOVE, BIY.SEE, and BIY.HEAR – use machine learning techniques such as object recognition, natural language processing, and context/location awareness to translate vernacular knowledge and beliefs about luck, des- tiny, and harmony into playful electronics kits. The boards are trained with subjective judgements and biased data grounded on three different cultures – fortune telling from Italy, geomancy from China, and numerol- ogy from India – and turn them into objective measures and potential truths, enabling technology to detect signs that prove users’ superstitions. As the creators of BIY put it: “As we tend to believe what machines say without often questioning them, now we can at least make machines that believe what we might believe in.”.

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