Doing STS in Times of Crises

Claudio Coletta, Stefano Crabu, Manuela Perrotta


This issue marks the beginning of Tecnoscienza’s fifth three-year cycle and, on the basis of the journal’s alternation policy, inaugurates a new Coordination Board. We would like to thank the two previous members of the Coordination Board, Attila Bruni and Paolo Magaudda, for their invaluable contribution to the journal since its conception.
When the journal was first published, twelve years ago, it represented an example of alternative and independent scientific publishing practices, in a context where open access practices were in their early days. With the support of STS Italia and the volunteer work of a group of Italian scholars, Tecnoscienza introduced a radical platinum/diamond Open Access (OA) model, in which neither authors nor readers were required to pay any fees, to make scientific work freely available under the Creative Commons license. [...]

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