Cartographies from the Margins: Outline of the Development and Applications of Actor-Network Theory in Spain

Jorge Castillo Sepúlveda


Abstract In Spain, since the start of the 1990s, there has arisen a joint movement of recognition, production and hybridization in the social sciences with one of its apexes being the field of STS. This has acquired a specific form in Actor-Network Theory, which in certain research groups, has become a tool for translating the reflective activity and research conducted so far in relational and material terms. This text traces the path of development of Actor-Network Theory in Spain based on the consideration of three themes. First, its evolution over time and the identification of certain periods, differentiated in terms of the work carried out during them; second, the spaces, texts and people recognizable in these processes; third, the naming of certain areas of research interest. Finally, some reflections made public at the Primer Encuentro Estatal ANT will be mentioned. These may serve to highlight certain aspects of work currently being carried out and the future of this theory in Spain.

Keywords Actor-Network Theory; Science and Technology Studies; Spain; History

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