Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

Tecnoscienza Nr. 1

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On delegation to machines. The artefact as social actor within the process of raw milk reintroduction among food consumption. ITA PDF
Tiziana Piccioni 11-38
On material production. Sensitive qualities and practical knowledge in artefacts’ stabilization process. ITA PDF
Laura Lucia Parolin 39-56
The retranslated movement. A study on the production and the use of images within kinematics in experimental psychology ITA PDF
Claudia Gianelli, Federico Montanari 57-80


Experts' role in procedures of citizens participation and involvement ITA PDF
Luigi Bobbio, Luca Guzzetti, Giuseppe Pellegrini 81-100
Transformations and current trends in scientific journalism ITA PDF
Elisabetta Tola, Massimiano Bucchi, Federico Neresini 101-112

Review Essays

Meeting the Universe Halfway. Feminist debate and Actor-Network Theory ITA PDF
Restituta Castiello 113-122

Book Reviews

Recensioni ITA PDF

ISSN: 2038-3460