Vol 2, No 1 (2011)

Tecnoscienza Nr. 3

Table of Contents

The Beggar Robot by Sašo Sedlaček PDF
Complete Summary PDF
Editor's Note PDF


A Text of Texts...almost a Texture PDF
Silvia Gherardi 7-20
Practice and its Overflows: Reflections on Order and Mess PDF
Lucy Suchman 21-30
Design Things: Drawing Things Together and Making Things Public PDF
Pelle Ehn 31-52
Affecting the Technoscientific. Body Stem Cells, Wheeled-Luggage and Emotions PDF
Mike Michael 53-63
Race, Beyond Fact and Fiction PDF
Amade M’charek 65-71


Care in Practice. On normativity, concepts, and boundaries PDF
Annemarie Mol, Ingunn Moser, Enrico Maria Piras, Mauro Turrini, Jeannette Pols, Alberto Zanutto 73-86
Biology, Ethnography and STS. An interview with Christine Hine PDF
Christine Hine, Attila Bruni, Paolo Magaudda 87-92


Cartographies from the Margins: Outline of the Development and Applications of Actor-Network Theory in Spain PDF
Jorge Castillo Sepúlveda 93-111

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Redazione Tecnoscienza 113-136

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