Vol 7, No 1 (2016)


Table of Contents

Velocipedia by Gianluca Gimini (Italy) PDF

Editorial Note

A New Triennium (2016-18) PDF
Redazione Tecnoscienza 5-6

Guest Editor’s Introduction

Digital Circulation: Media, Materiality, Infrastructures. An Introduction PDF
Gabriele Balbi, Alessandro Delfanti, Paolo Magaudda 7-16


Polaroid 2.0. Photo-Objects and Analogue Instant Photography in the Digital Age PDF
Sergio Minniti 17-44
Plants as Digital Things: The Global Circulation of Future Breeding Options and Their Storage in Gene Banks PDF
Suzana Alpsancar 45-66
Strategies of Circulation Restriction in Whistleblowing: the Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks and Snowden Cases PDF
Philip Di Salvo 67-86
A Different Kind of Story: Tracing the Histories and Cultural Marks of Pirate Copied Film PDF
Maria Eriksson 87-108

Crossing Boundaries

STS and Media Studies: Alternative Paths in Different Countries PDF
Romain Badouard, Clément Mabi, Alvise Mattozzi, Cornelius Schubert, Guillaume Sire, Estrid Sørensen 109-128


Journalism and the Circulation of Communicative Objects PDF
Christoph Raetzsch, Henrik Bødker 129-148

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Redazione Tecnoscienza 149-172

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