Vol 7, No 2 (2016)


Table of Contents

Velocipedia by Gianluca Gimini (Italy) PDF

Guest Editor’s Introduction

A Second Round of Digital Circulation PDF
Gabriele Balbi, Alessandro Delfanti, Paolo Magaudda 5-8


Performative Circulations: On Flows and Stops in Forensic DNA Practices PDF
Amade M’Charek 9-34


Disciplining Change, Displacing Frictions. Two Structural Dimensions of Digital Circulation Across Land Registry Database Integration PDF
Annalisa Pelizza 35-60
Liquefying Social Capital. On the Bio-politics of Digital Circulation in a Palestinian Refugee Camp PDF
Monika Halkort 61-80
Digital Literacy Circulation: Adolescents and Flows of Knowledge about New Media PDF
Cosimo Marco Scarcelli, Claudio Riva 81-102
From Linearity to Circulation. How TV Flow Is Changing in Networked Media Space PDF
Alberto Marinelli, Romana Andò 103-128
Circulation of Technology, Circulation of Desire. Cybersex and the “Sadian Collective Intellectual” PDF
Renato Stella 129-150


Science Communication and Science in Society: A Conceptual Review in Ten Keywords PDF
Massimiano Bucchi, Brian Trench 151-168

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Redazione Tecnoscienza 169-186

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